At all sites, whether in the city or in remote locations, ACS is committed to providing its customers with quality services, safety and environmental protection

Employee safety is one of our top priorities

ACS pays special attention to training and testing employees in occupational health and safety. We apply a zero-tolerance policy at all service delivery sites and comply with the highest applicable international standards. Every new ACS employee receives health and safety training and is made aware of the potential risks associated with their job duties.

Reduction in costs to improve competitiveness

ACS's many years of experience enable it to provide quality services at a competitive price. Our digital menu development solution, part of our Supply Chain Management System, enables to create tailored recipes and menus to help reduce costs and manage inventory levels.

The well-being of residents is what we strive for

ACS pays attention to the well-being of the residents on the sites and aims to ensure that they can enjoy their leisure time. The smart4you solution promotes physical activity for all in an interactive and fun environment (e-fitness - smart band), provides an immersive virtual reality experience (VR center), helps to protect the environment and ensures comfortable accommodation.

Caring for the environment

In our activities, we strive to implement actions aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

ACS introduces digital QC, HSE control solutions to reduce the use of paper. The use of tablets to record data ensures quality monitoring and facilitates reporting. Plastic dish sets have also been replaced with eco-dishware.

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