Our values

In our activities, we strive to build strong relationships with our customers, partners and employees, based on mutual trust and quality of service.

We always rely upon our expertise, corporate values and human capital.

We are always ready to offer reliable, innovative and competitive solutions to our customers.


We manage all our activities in accordance with the principles of honesty, impartiality and transparency, which help maintain and enhance trust with our partners, customers and suppliers.


Respect for everyone remains our fundamental principle throughout the Company's existence.


The Company's team is driven by a constant commitment to excellence. We strive to improve our services by creating innovative solutions, systematically sharing expertise within the CIS group and highly qualified staff.


We take responsibility every day, both to our customers (through the quality of our services) and to the people who live near the sites where we operate (contributing to social and economic development). We know how to take quick and responsible decisions.


Courage is one of the defining features of the Company's history and our founder. This gives us the taste for adventure and curiosity to explore new markets and territories. This encourages us to innovate and adapt to the changes in our world.


All our employees are actively involved in the development of the Company and are passionate about their work, keeping up with its goals and values. They understand our customers' needs and anticipate their wishes. Without passion for the work they are doing, such a challenging business like ours would not be possible.

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