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Organization of buffets and shops

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For more than 28 years, providing catering services has been our core business. We offer catering services for remote onshore and offshore facilities, outside catering, protocol and special events.

Individual solutions are developed for each project, taking into account all the features of the site and the requirements of each client. To ensure a high quality of service at each facility, special attention is paid to food safety and control of all processes, from production to service.

Organization of festive events

In addition to the daily on-site corporate catering, we organize such events as festive lunches, dinners, buffet receptions, as well as outdoor events.

Outside catering

Some customers require an on-the-job catering service for employees in areas located far from the main dining areas. In this case, we offer outside catering services.

Dishes are transported using specialized equipment - thermal boxes for transporting liquids, ready-made main dishes, ready-to-serve foods and desserts, and compliance with all requirements ensures that the temperature of hot dishes is not lower than +65°C, and cold snacks and salads not higher than +7°C.

Organization of buffets and shops

Remote sites are located in inaccessible areas and for a comfortable stay of the Customers' employees on site, there is sometimes a requirement for on-site shops and buffets.

The range of products is determined according to the number of employees and the Customers' wishes.

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