Sustainable development

ACS adheres to the United Nations Global
Sustainable Development Goals

The overall goal of sustainable development is long-term economic and environmental sustainability, achievable only by integrating and recognizing economic, environmental and social problems in decision-making processes. Promoting and respecting core values concerning human rights, working conditions, environmental and anti-corruption policy.

We are confident that the success and sustainability of any organization can only be achieved through an ambitious but realistic sustainability policy.

Charity event "Sweet gifts for Christmas"

In December 2020, we received a letter from our customer, Yamal LNG, suggesting that we abandon the traditional corporate gifts and souvenirs and conduct a charity program.

The Customer's proposal was enthusiastically received and the ACS division in Langepas, with the assistance of the Seraphim of Sarov Centre for Social Adaptation, held a charity event entitled 'Sweet Gifts for Christmas'. As part of the campaign, 79 children from Langepas were offered sweet gifts.

Let the New Year be full of unexpected pleasant events like this!

Charitable program 2020

On 27 October 2020, representatives of ACS visited orphanages in the Astrakhan region as part of their annual charitable program: The Raznochinovsky Orphanage for Mentally Retarded Children and the Malyshok Centre for children deprived of parental care.

On behalf of the Company, household appliances (split systems, microwave ovens, kettles), nice and comfortable beds with mattresses, bed linen, pillows and bath towels were donated to the orphanages.

We hope that this small contribution can make the daily lives of children and their caregivers more comfortable.

Workshop for children in Svobodny

On 13 September 2020, Tecnimont Russia together with ACS and the Svobodnensky Child Disability Parents Association "We're All Together" arranged a true celebration for 27 disabled children, consisting of two workshops, games and dancing.

The ACS culinary team conducted a workshop on making gingerbread with Italian and Indian guests in national costumes.

The children enjoyed trying on gloves and hats and creating their own masterpieces.

The Child Disability Parents Association thanked everyone for organizing and holding such event and the children got lots of fun to be a part of it.

Participation in the "Orange Mood" campaign

On 21st March 2020, ACS, along with other companies involved in the Amur Gas Processing Plant (AGPP) construction project, joined the Orange Mood event organized by the Child Disability Parents Association in Svobodny, “We're All Together”, to mark the World Down Syndrome Day.

Representatives of Tecnimont Russia, ACS, Sinopec, NIPIGAZ, Kurganstalmost and others took part in the campaign (more than 50 people) by sending a "photo greeting" with the campaign symbol - an orange and a sun-brooch.

Donations collected by Tecnimont Russia employees specifically for Svobodny “Sunny Kids” were used to make study kits and construction kits from natural handmade materials and given to the public organization "We're All Together".

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