Code of ethics and business conduct

ACS is a subsidiary of the CIS Group.

Given our international presence, cultural differences, we aim to share our values, aspirations and ethics with all our employees around the world, regardless of their positions and backgrounds.

It is very important to us that every CIS Group employee acts in accordance with and shares the same values of transparency, honesty, responsibility and present a model behavior, both individually and as a part of a team. In order to unite people around these values, it is important that all our employees adhere to our professional and ethical rules. Such cohesion helps to strengthen the trust our partners have in us, in particular our customers, suppliers, shareholders and all those who contribute to our operations and development.

In 2004, CIS Group introduced an anti-corruption policy as part of its Ethics Charter, which defines basic rules to be observed by all parties. In 2017, in accordance with French law No. 2016-1691 on transparency, anti-corruption and economic modernization (known as Law Sapin II), CIS Group took a further step forward by also actively following the "Middlenext Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct".

ACS has a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for Arctic Catering Service LLC employees developed in accordance with the requirements of the CIS Group Anti-Corruption Policy, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Federal Law No. 273-FZ "On Anti-Corruption Enforcement", and other applicable laws of the Russian Federation.


To ensure the proper application of its Code of Conduct, CIS has implemented a whistle-blower confidentiality system for its employees and third parties. If you personally notice any behaviour or practice that does not appear to be compliant with the values stated in the Code of Conduct, we would be grateful if you would report this event by sending an email to the address below:

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