Oil & gas

From offshore platforms in the Caspian Sea to oil and gas fields in the Arctic, ACS provides services in compliance with environmental requirements and high ethical standards

Offshore projects

The remoteness from land, extreme weather conditions and limited space complicate the working process. Hundreds of people live and work on offshore facilities in conditions of isolation, experience an intense daily workload and the slightest breach of strict safety and order rules can complicate their stay at the site.

By virtue of our rich experience, we are ready to provide our customers high-quality services, ensure safety and cost efficiency. Our services are not just limited to the services within the offshore platform, we also provide supply chain and logistics services.


Oil and gas companies are exposed to a range of risks hence safety on such projects requires special attention and control.

We incorporate applicable customers' HSE procedures into the work we perform.

Every new ACS employee receives training on the health and safety rules to be observed and is made aware of the risks involved in the performance of his or her job duties.

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Ensuring business continuity

The nature of our oil and gas customers' operations requires maintaining a continuous operation of their facilities.

ACS forms the working environment, taking into account the mode of operation of the facilities in question, and is always ready to adapt quickly to any changes.

Our accommodation management system allows us to monitor arrivals and departures as well as occupancy rates in real time.

Reduction in costs to improve competitiveness

ACS's many years of experience enable it to provide quality services at a competitive price.

Our digital menu development solution, part of our Supply Chain Management System, enables to create tailored recipes and menus to help reduce costs and manage inventory levels.

Transparency of activities

ACS has a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for employees, which is an important tool for creating a strong corporate culture and a coherent system of corporate values.

It is very important that everyone in the company acts in accordance with and shares the same values of transparency, honesty and responsibility.

ACS also adheres to Middlenext Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct, which promotes the Company's ethical standards.

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